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“I LOVE this app!!! I just downloaded it and used it for the first time… I have had a Cellerciser for years and haven’t ever found something this great that I wanted to stick with regarding rebounder instruction. ( I love the peace of it with no one talking and how you set it up. The simplicity of it is fantastic! Sometimes I just want peace… I loved walking in the woods when I was a kid for that exact reason. So nice that you did this app like this! I love it!

Thank you so much! I appreciate your passion for this product! You make a difference! Keep up the great work!”

– Hope


I recently purchased my rebounder. I love this app for how much it is helping develop my workouts. I was repeating the same basic bounce each time. Now I open the app, follow the directions and I’ve got my workout done. I started at the Beginner ’s Level and really like the progression of movements. I find them easy to learn and it’s fun. Thank you!

– Judith D.

“I love my Cellercise Rebounder®!!!
I have had it almost 3 weeks and can already tell a difference in my cellulite and I am actually firming up for once in my life.”

– Trish


“I am grateful that it has helped me control my diabetes, because it’s not always easy to go to the gym.”

– Stephen


The Cellercise Rebounder is my secret weapon (maybe not so secret anymore). A 10 min session before any a workout defiantly assists in minimizing injury for me. But even more amazing is using it in between work outs for recovery. Those stiff sore muscles melt away in minutes on “off days” and I’m ready for the next work out at 100%.

– Z


A1C down..weight up! I love my Cellercise Rebounder!!! My last visit to the Doctor was so good she kept saying “what did you do?” Well I told her!!! Cellercise Rebounder! I just did a 20 mile Walk for Hunger in Boston this Sunday.. I am pain free.. I feel like a bionic woman, I am 55 years old I do not walk I did not “train” but because I bounce 30 minutes a day the walk was a piece of cake.

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– Barbara

After 2 years of procrastinating, I bought a rebounder. (Cellercise Rebounder) The results were FANTASTIC and immediately noticeable. In about two weeks all the cellulite on my legs were gone, in about two months my new and face were wrinkle free. I achieved results from 10 minutes a day of rebounding that I did not achieve from being in the gym 2-3 hours a day. What a wonderful invention!

–  Vanesse


My exercise routine consists of 10-20 minutes on the Cellercise Rebounder and a few push-ups. A nurse at a blood donor center recently said I have the blood pressure of an athlete. My doctor said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it and you’ll live forever.”

– Kevin

Over all I feel so good. This is the only piece of exercise equipment that I have been able to use and I have tried many. For the first time I am seeing a reversal of the effects of MS. I am so grateful for the Cellercise Rebounder and expect continued results as I bounce away.

– Mary K

Mary k

I want to let you know I have lost 1’’ in EACH thigh in 5 days of using my Cellersizer 8-10 minutes a day! Of course, all the other unseen, internal benefits are amazing as well. I am 51 and love the “face lift” exercise that doubles for the abs as well!!

– Joan


I’m addicted to the rebounder…and use it for 10-20 minutes each and every morning as soon as I wake up. Not only have I lost weight and become more defined, but my energy level has reached a new high. I no longer get tired in the afternoons and sleep much better at night.

– Ray H


I’ve spent thousands on supplements the past 15 years. I’ve tried every strength/Pilates/stretching routine available and nothing has worked like your tramp to help me get my joint and muscle health back!

– Robert

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